May 26, 2005

Chappelle back in the states

Dave Chappelle was spotted in Ohio this week, which means he's back from his spiritual retreat in South Africa. Why couldn't it be Britney Spears who questioned if she wanted to do a next season of her trashy reality show. South Africa would have been perfect for K-fed (her hubby) he could think of some good rap lyrics - since he's stated he wants to be the next Eminem. But no, it wasn't the Federline's, it was in fact Dave Chappelle. He still isn't in production for the 3rd season, which was supposed to debut next week. Gus just bought Season 2 that came out on Tuesday, and i forgot how ridiculously funny this show is! Funny quote from season 2 "Why do black people like menthol cigarettes"... Answer "Cos thats what Newports are?"

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