May 26, 2005

Classic Erica & Ali response to a Classic Julie complaint

Note: This is Erica's response to my story about how i need anger management because of my bad experience at the coffee place this morning. (my usual routine is Dunkin Donuts, this morning.. it was not)

Julie. Put the coffee down and move away from the computer you psychospaz!! Moral of the story....don't go any where but Dunkies for your AM coffee. Gus is such a love I am sure he was just trying to please you because he looooooooves you. He should have told you it already had sugar in it, but there is no need to argue in front of the kid (Rocco) about some nasty coffee, it may be traumatizing to see his parents fight. And as for the granola eating hippies at the store, now you know to never go back! Don't sweat the little stuff hun. Grab some of that coffee from Dunkies on the way home so you can make it yourself and never be late for work and never have to count on Gus's bad taste in coffee, literally! By the way it is almost Friday wooo hoo!

Added comment by Miss Ali:
other moral of the story...Dunkin's is the best. All those weird little coffee cafes that look fun and trendy and whatever make coffee that taste like ASS.

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