May 18, 2005

The JQ Lounge debuts!

Pinch yourself, because you are not dreaming! I have started a blog. You think you know..but you have no idea. haha or, if you don't want to know, delete this window at once! Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to respond to any of these ridiculous posts that will soon follow.

-Julie Q

Launch Party TBA..


megainia said...

FINALLY!!! i have been waiting for this moment for almost 3 years... julies shape-tongued scarcasm needs to be archived and spread around the internet like a virus......except it will be entertaining, as opposed to crashing your crappy windows PC that im sure most of you are on.... and now that she has a real job (aka-nothing really to do all day) hopefully she will post many many gossip editorials about the trash in this country....... to help keep me busy while im "working".

Buddha said...

Game on on!