May 25, 2005

Paris Hilton at it again!

Parents are complaining over a new burger commercial created by Carl's Jr. I for one have never heard of this fast food joint, but I am very impressed by its new spicy bbq 6 buck burger. I especially liked the "there's no janet jackson in this commercial, parents need to get a life" remark included within the article. I thought for sure she would give up her hobby of pornography after the huge success and oscar buzz performance she gave in House of Wax. The price she got for the commercial has been hush hush, but i'm sure Rick Salomon must be pissed he didn't think of buying her a cheeseburger to eat on screen while they were making their artistic documentary.

Click here to see Paris' commercial

1 comment:

Buddha said...

That is a don't know if the commercial is for Bentley or the burger until the end. I would rather be the Bentley ;)