May 18, 2005

Rochester Summer Events '05

You guys have probably already gotten the file i sent saying all of this stuff, but I might as well post it so we can just look at it and count down the days til 10 Ugly Men festival (July 23)

Greek Festival: June 2-5 (@ the Greek Orthodox Church a block away from our new place on East.. Definately a good time, Greek people are nice, drop dead gorgeous and beautiful)
East End Fest: June 3rd (conveniently enough the weekend Gus and I are going back to Boston to visit the fams) Harbourfest: June 24-26

Rochester Fireworks
: July 4th

East End Fest: July 8th (pregame at Turners ooooobviously)
Corn Hill Fest: July 9-10th
Rhinos Opening: July 15th (new pimped out stadium downtown)
10 Ugly Men: July 23rd (what more of a cooler early birthday present can a girl ask for?!)
Q's Birthday: July 29th.. Q Day what more can i say
Lisa Barb's Wedding: July 30th OMG one of my friends is getting marrrrrrrrried!

High Falls Brew Fest:
August 5th
Park Avenue Fest: August 6-7th Spend half the festival at Dingos place, then walk on over to our place for the night party
East End Fest: August 12th

Party in the Park: Every thursday over the summer!!!

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