May 18, 2005

Spears Reality Show.. deep thoughts

May 18, 2005. Let me be the first to admit.. I was so excited about watching this show. I always thought that the media kinda turned Britney into this trashy trashy girl by taking all those bad pictures of her in US Weekly, Star, etc... But no, after watching her show I realized that she really IS just a dirty gross trashball. She got 5 million dollars, you would think she could pay a guy at least 50 cents an hour to video tape her life, instead she opted to do it herself so the whole time you are dizzy, (just like in the blair witch project). then, 45 minutes later into the "show" she mentioned a goofy gold digging backup dancer's name Kevin. So she whisks him off to italy or wherever-- just like the softcore porn fairy tales, to go hang out with her while she's on tour. The first night that he is there, it is so obvious that they are high on something and they are talking about like commitment and marriage and what his thoughts are. He goes "I think... i think love is love." Brilliant. i've now realized i've wasted 47 minutes of my life that i will never get back. so the next day, britney is dancing around zitfaced and all saying, i'm so glad i had sex!!!! (side note: like 79% of her audience is 13 year old girls... class act) So talking to her dog faced asistant felicia, which her name should be falatio, she tells her that she had sex twice (this msg is subliminally told by britney holding up two fingers after the assistant asked how many times they had sex). 5 minutes later when britney is getting her makeup done (which i may also add she has 4 lbs of cover up added every time before a show --6 lbs for photoshoots) she starts bragging to the guy makeup artist that she is so happy that she's finally had sex again. and then says to the camera i've had sex 3 times today!

Oh man, there goes 7 more minutes of my

i am now stating that newly weds was one of the greatest pop
couple reality shows ever (besides when colin and amaya were dating on Real World Hawaii). The fact that britney tried to completely copy Simpson and Lachey to try and get the iconic status jessica simpson now has shows that she SHOULD quit her day job, and become a stay at home mom, and by that i mean, never leave your house britney, unless you put a paper bag over your head.

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megainia said...

genius, really gets to the "deeper" side of the gossip world..

ps-yes i am trying to make these comments as dramatic as possible, so they are in line with the "attitude" if you will, of this blog.