June 22, 2005

2 Shows you should be watching

Rescue Me and Arrested Development are the two shows you should all be watching.

First I'll start with Rescue Me. This series debuted last summer on FX and it got a surprisingly good following and also some stellar reviews. Its mostly comedy yet it has its eery moments considering its based on 9/11 and how its aftermath has had an effect on the show's firefighters. Season 2 started last night, and at one point Gus just turns to me and says "wow this is pretty damn depressing". and it was!! BUT you should still rent or buy the first series on dvd and catch up because it definately makes Tuesday nights worth your while during the summer. (and the best part is they show the same episode immediately following at 11 incase you can't catch it at 10).
Rescue Me's homepage

Now, onto Arrested Development. This is by far my favorite show ever. Gus bought Season 1 on dvd before we had even watched it, just because my brother told me we would absolutely love it. And of course we did. Turner, Gus, and I watched the whole season that week, and I had never seen anything so ridiculous before, besides Curb, but still- this is probably more fast paced then Larry David's humor. The Bluth family is definately a family I would want to be a part of in my second life. It got the award for "the best show you're NOT watching right now" because of its FOX Sunday 8:30pm slot.. (competing with ABC Extreme Home Makeover). I cannot stress enough how much you will love this show. And if you come back and say "Julie.. it wasn't my cup of tea" I will buy you a new grill (since it is cookout season and all) Instead, you will have watched the season and say "OMG Julie thank you so much, now i see the light! Put your drinks on my tab"

Arrested Development's homepage

oh and i forgot, entourage is awesome too but you all know that already!

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megainia said...

havnt seen rescue me, (or much of anything for that matter, seeing as i dont have cable) but i will agree that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!! and im happy to say they are renewing for another year, and possibly changing the time it airs, so maybe all you slackers who arent watching it will start watching it and realize "wow, i have been missing the greatest show ever!"