June 17, 2005

But Katie Holmes was the only one who drank the Kool-Aid

Its official, Tom and Katie are engaged!!! Ew, i think i just threw up in my mouth... Go figure this news pops up 2 days after Katie took in Tom's Koolaid cult religion Scientology. I used to like Katie a lot, probably because i never had to see her. The paparazzi snapped her pic here and there but mostly for the random pic columns in US Weekly and People. But at least then you didn't have to hear her talk. But no, now she's all talk about googly cruise and how much she's in love blah blah blah. I'd be in love too if someone took me to Italy and to Georgio Armani's private vila for customized dress making on my first date. (Gus, I still think Dungarans, the little Irish pub in Newton we went to on our first date tops that by at least 1,000,005) Anyhoo, Tom Cruise i'll admit is still fabulous in every movie he's ever been in, its the just off camera ridiculousness i can do without. And Katie, you'll always be a B-Lister in my book, no matter how good your PR rep is.

Besides Kabbalists do it better.

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