June 29, 2005

Cinderella Man for free?

Holy Shnikeys! Click here

I hate to admit this, but just a few teardrops formed when I watched the preview for Cinderella Man a few months back. Actually what am I talking about? I cry during every single Extreme Home Makeover (the first AND last ten minutes!) But anyhoo- this movie looked really good. And then it came out in theatres and sucked ass at the box office. It didn't take all of this indepth researching to figure it out, Hollywood could have just asked me. Its SIMPLE.. people don't want to see these sappy warm hearted stories during the summer time. I like aliens killing Tom Cruise, traveling pants, dominatrix suits (thank you angelina!), dasiy dukes, cars that talk, and YODAS! Annnd I can't wait to see The Wedding Crashers in August.

But what I do want is to see a free movie. Somehow I'm guessing Russell Crow isn't going to be sitting behind the ticket counter ready to throw a phone at my face when I go up and say the movie sucks so i get $40 back (wait.. you mean they dont reimburse you for the popcorn and soda i buy too). Now all i need to do is find an AMC theatre!

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