June 17, 2005

Special Guester Erica & Ali on Tom & Katie

Erica's thoughts
Q we will all have to write about this in your blog... did you see my comment on the bride?! I am sure Chris Klein is thanking his lucky stars he didn't marry her....did you see her on the MTV movie awards? She is such a geek/weirdo...and don't even get me started on Tom. He has officially lost his mind. Flash forward to 10 years from now..the 2 of them will probably be living in a glassbubble/man-made eco-system (think bio-dome), wearing mu-mus because theyare in some Scientology cult, and growing plants because they can't have any children because Tom is too old and Katie needs to eat a hamburger.I dunno.

Ali's Thoughts
Did you guys hear tom and katie are engaged?!! they're both tunes. who dates someone..or who proposes to someone..who was on dawsons creek. come on now!!

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Anonymous said...

i heart boston....and dane cook is the funiest guy this side of the sun.