June 27, 2005

Triple Crown Weekend with the summer crew

Oh man, it took a few weeks extra, but summer officially started for me this weekend. Friday night was A-Street Fest, Saturday was Adam's Surpise Party Bus to B-Lo bars trip, and Sunday was a surprisingly ridiculous day. Friday night.. won't get into too much, just your average drunk fest with an excellent pregame get-together at Vig and Dimitri's place. Besides it being 90 degrees out and hot hot hot, overall good time.

Saturday night. For the first time this year I think, we didn't start drinking until 9:30pm. Meg put together a surprise party for Glynn and invited 15 friends of Mr. Adam's to go on a party bus to the Buffalo bars for 6 hours. Within the first 10 seconds on the bus, Jaclyn's beau David was already playing bartender blending beautiful concoctions of grey goose, coke, rum, [insert any alcohol here]. Then DJ JQ provided the perfect dance party tunes for all the lushes who like to dance, aka every girl at the event, especially Jaclyn who did her special rendition of Billy Jean (* note- song had been added to my dj routine AFTER the verdict. Shakahhhn)

So pretty much everyone was wasted within 20 minutes.

The thing with limo trips is everyone gets wasted before they even get to the bar. Gus is rocking the Boston accent, i'm telling Lauren and Lisa (they were sitting across from me) how great their racks look cos i'm staring at the mirror on the bus' ceiling while paper baggin' some J champagne. Fabulous.

Get to the bar. Buffalo, great night life compared to Rochester. Millions of people all in good spirits walking around, streets are crowded, every bar has at least 30 people chilling outside on the terraces, i'm loving the vibe! We go to Sky Bar and go straight to the rooftop bar. The whole time at the bar i couldn't get over how the people seemed to be so much more down to earth and normal compared the to bars in Rochester, and then Gus pointed it out. The girl to guy ration was like 10 times the amt than it is in rochester. Guys don't have to hike up the 'phone salesperson thats why i'm wearing a business suit at a bar' persona in order to mack it to the ladies. Someone should do a thesis on this because its so true! i mean obviously you'll encounter your typical meathead guy anywhere you go, but still a majority of them must had passed on Sky Bar that night.

You could've told me it was 15 minutes we spent at the bar and i would've believed you because of the pregame we had on the bus. Apparently 3 hours goes by and we're already tryin to gather everyone. I will say one funny anonymous story about the bar. 1 guy on the trip is talking to a lady when I go up to them with my cell phone and tell him his girlfriend is on the phone. The girl goes 'omg you have a girlfriend', and sure enough my friend picks up the phone thinking I actually had her on the phone. All in good fun my dear. After hitting up the street vendors and gathering everyone, we head back to the bus. And then the infamous after hours party begins.

Jaclyn and David's socialite partying managed to make them the first to pass out. Tom and Lisa the Buffalo couple soon followed. I was about to but then I got the greatest idea to go turn on Weezer's 'Beverly Hills' song and blast it on the bus while finding another bottle of champange to paper bag then start singing and dancing. Beautiful idea. Thus the 10th dance party of the night started. Somehow poor Vig bumped into me and spilled a little beer on me, i retaliated and dumped some champagne on him, felt bad then decided to dump some on myself. Total Rockstar material. Lauren Lisa Christine and Jenny are dancing on the seats, Gus is passed out, Dimitri and Nate are fighting (like best friends of course) Ramsdell is rambling on in style, Vig is playing air guitar looking for drums (Rob i think you took over drums), Adam and Meg are nestled by the front of the bus like great shaparones. Very successful night! Next morning i see an IM from lauren telling me she has the best pic of gus giving me a lapdance. When did this happen? I couldn't tell ya.

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