July 15, 2005

The JQ Lounge no longer?!

I'm engaged! Gus proposed to me last night! JQ initials will be changing it up in a year or so. (We're thinking of a fall wedding- oh la la) Maybe I can call it the Mancini Lobby instead of the JQ Lounge? No.. not catchy enough?

Pure craziness, people are so nice to you when you get engaged, I want to do this every week now. haha. Thank you for all of you guys who came out and celebrated last night, and also to all the people out of the area (including my hot ass bridesmaids), you missed me take a shot. Like i said PURE CRAZINESS haha. Gus and I will be partying and celebrating all weekend so get your ass downtown! Engagement party in Boston sometime in August. TBA

buddha's blog shoutout about the proposal :)


Erica said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Ok, so I think I am beginning to become a bit of an annoyance for Jules and Gus, but I am beyond excited for you guys! Anyway, us Bostonians wish we could be with you guys as you celebrate, but we will save our party/drinking hats for when you guys get back here! And, there will ALWAYS BE A JQ something....ah hem, remember Q Day?! But Mrs. Mancini is so Melrose Place circa 1995....and very catchy!

Susan said...

Love it!