August 30, 2005

Jaclyn the Starlet

So one day, I'm sitting in the office, and within 2 hours of each other-- Joe Fiorie gets asked to a luncheon with the President and the NY Senator (in the spring) and also gets asked to be in a movie. Its not even noon time yet. Haha just a little taste of what its like to work at J. Fiorie & Co. Anyhoo, so about the movie thing. Apparently they're shooting a movie in upstate NY. Its called Cherry Crush and this is the website for the movie.

So the next day. Jaclyn and Joe are gone all day. Finally at 4pm, they stroll into the office after a long day on the set. Jaclyn starts telling me about everything that went on during the day, and then she goes "Julie, I haven't even told you about "the water scene"!" Do I even want to know at this point!!! hahaha. Apparently, there's a scene in the Country club and Jaclyn and Joe are sitting at the table behind the cast. And the girl whos starring in the movie is a waitress who goes up to Jaclyn and says "would you like some water?" and Jaclyn says Yes, followed by Thank you. I cannot wait til this movie comes out to theatres (probably next year some time).

Jaclyn said it best when she compared herself to Johny Drama from Entourage, saying she'll be absolutely crushed if her scene gets cut! OHH We'll still have a Red Carpet for ya either way! Do you need an agent? Ari Gold is looking for potential new clients. (i'm obviously your publicist)

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