August 31, 2005

Legnos List

Trying to recycle one of my notebooks from college, I found this note Legno wrote to me titled "gift ideas for Gus". This was dated back to sophomore year in Twyla's class (had to be sophomore year since in legno was actually AT class in this story!) mwhaha. anyways, gus and I had just started "officially" dating back then and even looking at this list now i still crack up.

- Phi Psi Letters (not the fluffy ones)
- Dinner
- Shirt
- Red sox some thing? Ha Ha
- Make a nice card (like the one you made me)
- Collage of pics
- Shrek
- A picture of him and me
- Hulk Hogan Toys

- The notes for this class to give to me
- A new winter jacket (I don't dig the old one)
- "Have a Hint" Post Cards
- Yankees shirts, hats, keychains
- Wedding set from "Kays"
- Sleepless in Seatle
- ZTA Man*- oh wait thats me

* Goes to show how old this list is.... haha

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