August 30, 2005

Saratoga.. the sunshine state

Last Friday, at 7am, Gus and I said "screw it, we're going to Saratoga with Wad this weekend" (Before it seemed like too much of a hassle with putting the dog in the kennel and all that jazz). So I call up the kennel, left work early so I could take care of all that stuff (aka See ya Rocco!) and we leave at 5pm for Saratoga. 3 hr drive later we're there, and somehow we added Neal into the mix (arriving that next morning coming from VT).

Friday Night: Bars in DT Saratoga are ssooo great. Caroline St is the bar district, and it just seems like every single bar there is completely different from the next. The first one we go to we called "The Wedding" cos it had a live band and it was just rockin out with really rich old people. You know.. "Celebrate" "Cocacabana".. the usual. Next bar was the hip urban crowd, then the irish pub with all of the loud young folk, etc.
** The funniest part about Friday night was when Gus and Wad were in a Crown Royal contest.. The last question (for the teeshirt) was "What is the best whiskey in Canada" Wad answers with the obvious "Crown Royal", and right after the girl says Yayyyy you win! Gus goes "NO, you're wrong... Canadian Mist is the best" Obviously she gave Wad the shirt, but kudos to you Gus, for not conforming..

Saturday 6:30am: Gus tries waking me up, and asks if I want to go with them to the track so they can claim a picnic table. (I am just realizing at this point how many rasberry stolis I had last night) and just put the pillow over my head to block out his talking.

Sat 9am: Finally wake up, get ready, and we all go down to the race track. Neal makes record timing and meets us, and we're off to the races. While Gus and Wad could not get a picnic table (yeah good job) but they did however bring a card table and set up shop. I never knew what peasants felt like until today. We were all camped out with everyone else with the cooler packed with Miller light (and some plastic coorslight bottles) also rockin' the redbull and vodka and on the other side of the race track, all of the aristocrats in their big hats! I made it a point to act as the paparazzi the rest of the day, and took pics of all the ridiculous hats I came in contact with. The rest of the day included boozing, gambling, cigar smoking (except for me), yelling at the horses, cheering for the horses, boozing, in a continuous order.

Sat Night: To the bars for round 2. More drinking at Dr. Moriarty's Restaurant (Dont know why its named that except I did notice a Sherlock Holmes theme throughout the bar) After that you can just refer to Friday nights routine for the rest of the evenings events.

As soon as we got back on Sunday, I started making my big hat for next year. Oh I will definately be rocking that! Can't wait!

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