August 31, 2005

Snobby with her TV shows

I feel like I'm the only smart person out there sometimes.. Actually I feel like this a lot. Because I have found 2 of the greatest sitcoms ever (besides Seinfeld and Full House) and no one else besides Gus and I watch them. One of them I've already mentioned on the Blog and the other one is a newbie.

First up: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(FX Tuesdays @ 11) -- FX is channel 67 in Rochester

This site pretty much sums it up:

...And then there is my baby. Arrested Development.

This is the first good article of many that i found by googling Arrested Development

I saw at least 20 different websites petitioning Fox to make sure they have a 3rd season (which were successful because the new season begins in 9/19 (Monday at 8pm)

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