September 13, 2005

Million Dollar Doggy

Mr. Rocco, his poor little belly looked like there was a little rash on it, actually a little lower then his belly- you can see where i'm going with this. And no it is NOT an doggy std, my roccafeller will never have a girlfriend if i had my way! Gus and I figured we should take him to his first vet visit. We book an appt at the presitgious animal hospital down the road for Saturday. The appt itself would be $41. Not too bad, that way we'll know everything is alright with the little guy. Saturday rolls along, and we pack Rocco in the car, and he thinks we're off to the dog park (like we usually take him on the weekend). When we bring him into the vet, he realizes he will not be chasing any sticks, or swimming in any creeks. The waiting room was fun, Rocco decided to sing his bassetthound howls to every person who walked by. All the other dogs sat there just staring at him. Finally the Dr comes out, and we bring him into the little room. Vets have it made. The lady checked him out, answered our silly little questions and then decided to prescribe us some antibiotics and gel to disburse around his you know what, for Rocco. The gel, I understood, because it just looked like sensitive skin.. but the antibiotics? Fine, just give us the bill. We go up to the Register.. "that will be $115 please".. Exsqueeze me? $115?? That costs more then Rocco did when we adopted him! "Oh well the antibiotics were 60 dollars and the gel was 13" Yeah, 13 dollars for gel, thats fine, but $60 for dog antibiotics? The dog eats 2 week old corn on the cob he finds on the street. And the fact that the doctor while looking at Rocco goes.. hmmm it doesn't look too bad, the antibiotics might help... yeah lets go with the antibiotics. (Maybe if she had came back into the room with some test results, sat us down, and told us, either the antibiotcs, or we'll have to chop rocco's tail off- THEN we would shell out the 60 bucks wiht no problem)

Bill is paid, we leave. We realize that we went to the vet and gave them $115 for them to tell us to scrub Roccos balls with gel. Fabulous. (Gus you're the father, have fun with that)

And I haven't even told you the best part! The first night Rocco got the gel treatment- the next day the rash went away. So now we have a weeks worth of dog antibiotics to give him, that will do absolutely nothing for the guy. Moral of the story, I should be a vet, or a doggie pharmacist, because they're in the money!

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