September 1, 2005

Would you like some cheese with that Wino?

Last night, Jaclyn, Lauren, Jenny and I became adventurous. We decided to check out the Rochester Winos, a wine club that gathers once a month at different restaurants downtown. For $30, you get to go out to a restaurant, taste about 7 different types of wine, and listen to some live frank sinatra wedding singer. So we arrived around 6:45 and got a 4-person table with the comfy sofa chairs around it. The music started, the wine started, and the h'ordeurves started. Since this was our first event we had no clue what to expect. First round went smoothly. We started filling out our score sheets, light fun conversation about wine. Then our glasses were empty. We look around the room and everyone's glass looked like they hadn't even sampled it yet! So then the convo turned into if we had an alchohol abuse problem... What seemed like 2 hours later, the next round of wine started up. We finally learned to drink in moderation (haha who are we kidding). The food was really good, they'd bring out small servings of steak, chicken, and other stuff (whatever food went well with the wine we were drinking) and then there was desert!

As you can tell in the picture right here, some drank a little more hardcore then others. haha. Oh, and did I mention there was about 40 women at this event? Haha I believe there was one husband who got dragged to it. Your welcome Gus for saying you didn't have to go! So overall, very good time, a lot of drunk funny laughs, and I have a feeling we'll be making our own Rochester Wine club soon enough. Check back at the blog for details!!

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