October 16, 2005

Attack on the Ack!

Midnight in the wee early hours of Friday, I was awoken by my car's alarm going off that was parked right next to my apt. I go and look out the window to sure enough, see my cars lights flashing on and off, and start hearing Dane Cook's alarm song in the back of my head. (btw if you know what I'm talking about, much respect points to ya). But nothing looked wrong and the alarm shut off so I just went back to bed. Next morning, get up, check the front of the car, just to make sure one of my idiot neighbors didn't back into it to cause the alarm, nothings wrong. Drive to work. Lunch time- Jac, Jon and I head down to the parking lot to go out for lunch. We decide to take my car, and when i check the backseat to make sure there was room for Jac when all of a sudden, I notice there's little pretty crystals scattered around everywhere. Hmm why is my VT sticker thats usually on my window sitting in my backseat? Vierd..

OH WAIT, thats just my back passenger side seat's window busted in. (Note: it was only the little side triangle window) FABULOUSO. So some drunk meathead decided to take a hammer or brick of something and hit my car, but didn't realize that this classy 1990 automobile still has an alarm on it, and then took off. The best part was calling the Police the next day. Because it was kinda obvious even filing a police report was a waste of my time and especially the officers. Dont worry I've now turned into Magda from there's something about Mary, starting my own neighborhood watch, now i just have to get a tanning membership....

And the new car search begins!! Hyandai Santa Fe anyone?? donations accepted

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