October 20, 2005

Celebrity Sighting in Rochester!?!

So there I was.. mailing a letter at work at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when all of a sudden, these two guys in suits enter the building. Who could it be? None other then Alexander and Catalano, the cream of the crop (when it comes to Rochester based highschool student project made tv commercials).

Every day when I go to work at the Washington Building downtown, i walk by their offices hoping to one day get a chance to see them in person. Well today was my day. Instead of acting all cool, I decided to scream "HEY! ITS THE HEAVY HITTERS!" haha and they just giggled and gave me the thumbs up! I should've sang "The heavy hitters are all ya need call 1-800-LAW-Thirteen Thirty Three!" (but my cold has affected my singing this week)

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