November 1, 2005

A Blond Moment..

Halloween. One of my least favorite holidays. My halloween career started off good back in the old days, whether it was my mom sewing together a pretty little princess dress for me, or JQ going all out of character and dressing up as a little witch! Even in highschool, Kelly, Meg and I kicked ass when we dressed up as the Sparton Cheerleaders.. I even got my beau of the week Scott Carey to rock the red pants and the sweater vest. And then Erica, Ali, Leah, Melanie, Kelly, Meg and I rocked the scandalous cheetas outfit or whatever we were. And no, leopard print pants do NOT make your ass look fat when you are in highschool, thats the beauty of it. (Note: the first and last time I walked into DEB-the store not the mom). But then came college. My gift for creative halloween costumes was lost. Not one year could I think of a decent costume. I dont even think I went out last year for it.. I was too psyched that I actually lived in a house that kids trick or treated to, so I stayed home and gave out candy with Rocco.

Well this year, I decided to take it all back. Victory is mine. There was only one way I could relive the beauty of dressing up as something ridiculous because it is Halloween. There was only one thing I could do.....I became... a blond.

It all started when Gus had to get his costume last minute (we had Christi's party in a few hours). He was going to be some football player named Smoot. Who apparently was on the Vikings and got caught for having a "Sex Cruise" a couple of weeks ago. Well Gus wanted to rock a captains hat and a vikings jersey, and we had to run to the costume store. It was there that i saw the blond wig hanging on the wall. $20 bucks later Gus decided to wear it on the ride home. Note, dont ever let your boyfriend wear a girl's wig, especially if he has scruff. Its way too damaging of an image.

Time for the party. We headed over to Jennys house first because I was borrowing her cat ears (Obviously I couldn't be just a blond! I was a blond CAT.) Met up with her Meg and her boy Rob, and then headed over to Christi's. The party was excellent. I hadn't played flip cup in like 3 years. Although I still say they cheated beacuse we had Vig on our team, who was dressed up as Towlie from SPark (worst character ever) and was an obvious handicap to the team.

After flip cup, there were talks of walking to the bars, but honestly, i dont think already drunk people, costumes and bars really mix too hot. Gus and I were going to take off (hey it was 1am damnit! Thats an accomplishment for me) until Matt decided to nose dive in front of the door to block it off. Which then turned into all the girls dancing to Biggie Smalls (Juicy and Big Poppa on repeat for a half hour) while gus just went to go play more flip cup. I think we finally slipped out of the party cos I was tttttttired, but that was silly because we had to walk home 1 mile. Overall excellent festivas, Thanksgiving at my place next!!

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