November 9, 2005

Jaclyn and Julie: The new faces of Politics

The Rochester Mayoral Election.. we picked a winner! Last night- Jaclyn, Joe and I hit up the Crowne Plaza for Bob Duffy's Election party. Definately the funnest Tuesday I've had in a long time. We started out the night with Jenny and Lauren at Lolas to grab a drink. Then Joe picked us up and we headed over to the party. Then the local celebrities (aka newscasters that i recognize from TV) started pouring in. Those things are great. Everyone you see is just legitimately happy. And then you see the campaign volunteers walking around wearing all the flare, trying to keep the aisle clear for the democrats who won. Jaclyn and I even spotted a guy (her future hubby) who we dubbed Vince Law (c'mon you can figure that one out). And who do you think I stood next to while Duffy gave his acceptance speech. Obviously my good ole friend Mayor Bill Johnson. I even gave him a pat on the back when Duffy gave him a shoutout in his speech. Jaclyn and I then got offered the endorsement deal for Duffy's new bottled water, hitting your local supermarket this week!


Matt said...

Nice Jules. I always thought that you should get into politics. You should try to intern at his office. Just don't wear a blue dress (wasn't that the color?)
I'm in India. There are lots of Indians.
much love.

Buddha said...

Hahaha. That is great. Hob knobin' with the local celebs, I wouldn't expect any less for you =) I give you credit, I don't know if I could have resisted kicking Johnson in the ass if I had to stand that close the jerk off. Go Duffy!