November 2, 2005

Shout out to the Italian American Community Ctr

Today this cute old couple from the Italian American Community Ctr came by to drop off Joe Fiorie some homemade eggplant, accompanied by homemade pizzelles. Soooo good. They also dropped off the newsletter where i caught this article that I thought would be nice to post.

"How To Be A Better Person"
- contributed by Emily Plantone (the lady who stopped by)

Be ready, smile and perform when duty calls.

Be patient, your woes won't last forever.

Be loving and kind, romance is sure to follow.

Be quiet when you feel like being curt, your words only add more hurt.

Be part of what is truthful and good.

Be faithful and kind, speak up for the oppressed.

Be responsible for your actions.

Be conservative, laborious and fruitful.

Be happy, whether you are alone or with company.

Be kind, especially to the undeserving, it will make you a better person.

Be grateful for the love of the Lord.

Be kind, and watch the people come around.

Be active, and live longer.

Be cheerful, and chase the blues away.

Be sincere and friendly, say thank you at every chance you get.

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