December 6, 2005

New Years! What is going on?!

I am ready to party it up. This will be the first NYE in 4 years that Gus doesn't have wrestling the next day, or that I dont volunteer to work (cos i usually got time and a half when i worked at Ann Taylor LOFT). Anyhoo. We figured we'd come back to Rochester for the event (after we'll be chillin in Boston for most of Xmas vaca). As much as I love house parties, I think we should at least attempt to find an open bar/party room somewhere in the city. Anyone with ideas? I'll start doing the research (even though people probably rented out all the places in October). Oh, and lets try and get a place that has a TV. (someones gotta remember that NYE at Glynn's a few years back). Lets get some ideas people!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Julie, when you guys are in Boston you MUST call me! I'll be in Boston most of the time due to my full time worked-ness.

-the devil