December 16, 2005

This only happens to Julie

So this past Tuesday, I randomly decided to order this magazine called RADAR. Its articles were always funny and ridiculous (ex: one cover issue showed Bush giving Paris Hilton a Nobel Prize). I went online to and typed in my info. Its 15 bucks for 10 issues. No biggie. I click on the Bill Me Later key, cos i just wanted to make sure I got the magazine first. It then brings me to a page that says "For an extra 2 issues, pay with credit card now!" Ahhh 2 issues does sound fabulous! Done. Type in the credit card number and am so happy about my spontaniousness.

ONE DAY LATER. The NY Post says "Plug has been pulled on Radar Magazine" The publishers have terminated Radar magazine due to low advertisement sales. As soon as I read this I go straight to my Bank of America online to see if it went through yet. GO FIGURE, my $15.01 has been charged to my account. I then emailed Radar to see what the hell is up. NOTE: I decided not to call cos I felt that was just a tad awkward (everyone is probably getting drunk and cleaning out their desk over there anways). So yeah now I am down $15 which totally could've gone towards an OK Magazine subscription. Who does this happen to?!?!????????? I've totally never heard anything like that happening to anyone I know (Except for Jaclyn who totally preordered her Newlyweds Season 3 DVD before Nick and Jessica broke up) haha jk. I'm SO PISSED!!! At least US Weekly comes in the mail today when I get home.

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Buddha said...

Dispute the charge on your WILL work I have done it before when things like this happen. Thats the beauty of having a Visa or MC logo!