December 12, 2005

Whats the deal with My Space?

Henry emails me the other day saying "You and Gus should get a My Space account". Ask Jaclyn, whenever someone would bring up My Space at the office, I would just cringe, vowing to never give in and sign up for it. Whats the point? With all the silly things I already have accounts with (Facebook, Friendster, Instant Msnger, etc) whats one more going to do for me? (on a side note- Check out this article about the founder of facebook in Fortune Magazine- interesting read) Then Jaclyn points out that its even on the cover of Business Week Magazine- Check out article here. I guess that is impressive, BUT the one thing that pretty much sold me is that its so trendy, Hollywood is buying into it. I can't wait til I'm friends with all of the crew from Laguna Beach, I might even get invited to their 5 yr reunion! So yeah, I have since signed up for an account.

You can check me out at

And no, you cannot come to the reunion with me. TEAM KRISTIN!

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