December 16, 2005

Zero Calorie Chocolates!

So today at work, we get this Holiday present sent to the office from Santa himself. Its beautifully wrapped boxes stacked on top of each other. Chocolates, trail mix, cheese, crackers, and pears consist of all the great nooks and crannies found inside these boxes. Jaclyn tries one of the chocolates, and as she's eating it, Alyssa goes "Ohhh there's no fat in those chocolates", we didn't believe it so we checked out the nutrition sheet that came with the present. Low and behold, these magical chocolates do not have ANY calories, or fat, or anything. And it even lists the ingredients! Where as the pears are just ridiculous, I dont know how anyone can eat those things after looking at the picture I posted... Its a Christmas Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or some pissed off fat elf playing a trick on the world)

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