January 17, 2006

I say what about.. necklace at Tiffany's?

For all of you guys and girls wondering what to get your special lady for Vday,
click here for a free Tiffany's necklace. I myself am scarred for life with the idea of a Tiffany's necklace for a vday present, but thats a whole other blog haha. Click on that link, and all you have to do is either sign up for Blockbuster online for a 2 week FREE trial period.. OR sign up for the magazines deal which is 6 magazine subscriptions for $19.99. I definately think its worth checking out. Gus did one of these deals a while back for the Play Station Portable, and they sent it to him right away (actually, they sent him a check for $150.00 which is even cooler)

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