January 23, 2006

Way down in Mexico

Usually when I hear the word Cabo, I have somewhat of an ulcer.. I mean, this is the place where most the Phi Kappa Psis go to for spring break in college and forget they have girlfriends (and of course i'm not talking for all of them, maybe more like 2 hand fulls) But it wasn't until this Saturday where I saw the light, that Cabo sounded a lot better when you are actually invited! After a few drinks at Wad's house, Gus talked me into going for a week when all of the alumni are going (usually a week before the undergrads go). Did I mention the complementary stay at one of the nicest 5 star resorts in Cabo? So yeah, in less then a month, we'll be chillin on the beach in Mexico.. weird, but very exciting.

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