February 28, 2006

Don't Drive Stick Shift in Mexico!!

Finally blogging after getting back from Mexico last Thursday. (Apparently its a 96 hr time change when it comes to writing a blog). The trip was amazing! Chicago layover turned into a bogus time because the airport lost Gus' luggage, and we had to hang out there for an extra two hours to stare at the conveyor belt to see if it'd magically appear! (It didn't "appear" until the last day of the trip, courtesey of American Airlines!) The best line was Andy saying "Gus it could be worst.. they could have lost JULIE'S luggage". Other then that, we realized the mystery to Chicago's deep dish pizza was that its two pizza pies piled on to of each other! Craziness. Finally make it to Mexico the next day, to get off the plane and see the clear beatiful skies of Cabo San Lucas and the dry hot temp of 90 degrees (which is what the weather stayed at for the rest of the trip!) One of the nice interns Tim picks us up and drives us to the resort. It was sooo pretty! The whole week pretty much consisted of tasty fresh cooked mexican food, pina coladas, infitiny pools, hilarious phi psi alumni (ny theta obviously), ice cold pacificos, seafood galore, booze cruises, seals, tanning, tikibars, awesome private beach, stalling out 6 times in downtown cabo because i thought I knew how to drive stick shift- apparently not, bartering for jewelry, coronas, oh plus we saw a Humpback whale about 200 ft from the shore when we were having breakfast one day..

The best part of the trip was realizing this wasn't even our honeymoon! I'm glad I picked a Phi Psi!! (for more pics you can check out the photo gallery on our wedding site)

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