March 21, 2006

Blow-Out, 24, and the Mob.. It doesn't get better!

There are only three men in my life right now. Jack Bauer,Jonathan Anton, & AJ Soprano (haha jk, obviously TONY). Hellooooooooo, I'm talking about fictional/realitystar TV phenoms!!


Blow-Out is back for Season 3 on Bravo TV. It airs tonite at 8pm (check your local listings). I think this is by far the best Reality TV show since Temptation Island. All the fun crazy drama that comes along with a Hair Salon. Pure Genious! And I love the fact that Jonanthan Anton is straight, working in a gay man's world of styling hair. Love it.

and now


Oh man, and then there's 24. After grieving for Tony Almeida for the past week, I was ready to get back into the lets kick some nerve-gas-wannabe-terrorists ass. Did anyone else think that Collette looked like Mischa Barton? And to find out that Audrey Raynes could have sold classified info to the bad guys who killed Tony Almeida. Who woulda thunk.

Click here for a good recap of the show from EW Magazine.

and finally


First of all, I totally thought I was smarter then the average bear when I called it that Tony was dreaming he got shot. Then of course 5 minutes in i realized that i'm just part of the regular 20-25 yr old demographics when we found out he did in fact get shot, and that now he's in a coma. EW has another great article about the Dream Sequence ep. And I must admit.. if he's going to have a dream wasting a whole episode, this seasons is ssssooo much better then last seasons dream shenanigans. Click here to read the article, its insightfully deliscious

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