March 31, 2006

First class sittin' next to Vanna White

Yeah, so I had a crazy weekend. I flew down to visit Legno in Jersey and then we were going into NYC on Saturday. Friday night roles along, and I get to experience the Jersey night life (totally shouldn't have watched MTV's 'True Life: I own time share on the Jersey Shore' --cos thats all I was expecting). Legnos friend Greg comes to pick us up and we go out to these two fun bars/clubs. Definately a fun time. Not rocking too bad of a hangover the next morning, we wake up early and drive to the city. Gus calls, and Joe was like "I'm so surprised you didn't just drive to NYC to meet us today", and almost convinced him to put Rocco in the kennel for the night and drive down to the big apple. After thinking too much about it, Gus says its too much driving just to get drunk and ends the conversation to probably go play video games...

2 minutes later, Legno calls him up and tells him to look up flights on Jet Blue, just for fun.

2 minutes later, Gus calls back with the damage.

2 minutes later, Legno says he has to think about something.

2 minutes later, Legno has booked Gus a flight to come to NYC for the night.

Haha this was by far the most spontanious thing i've ever witnessed. So now Gus is flying in later that afternoon. Erica, one of my best friends from Needham, is coming in on the train, Lisa W lives there, and Blair (another Needhamyte) is having a Bday party that night. Plus this was my first time ever being in NYC!
It was the funnest night ever!!!!!! We got to go shopping on 5th ave, we stayed at the Hilton right in the middle of everything, Gus finally arrived, and we got to meet up with Erica and everyone at Blair's apartment before the bars.

Oh and of course we snuck in a trip to Planet Hollywood, because we thought that'd be the best un-tourist like thing to do. At least we got to witness 6 different 18 yr old Bday parties (and I thought Legno was going to go ditch us to hang out with all of them!!)

The best line is Legno on Sunday morning saying "Julie, only you would go to NYC to hang out with all Boston people at a Boston bar"

A girl could get used to jet-setting to NYC every so often!! Can't wait til its warm out to plan our next trip. THANK YOU BROTHER LEGNO!!

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