March 2, 2006

MTV's Real World gets a good cast FINALLY

Ever since Real World San Diego, I haven't cared to catch any of the Real Worlds. RW: Philly & Austin were pretty dull and boring. Only a few worthy characters came out of that fortunately for the Gauntlet, but other then that, the rest were duds. Last night we watched the hour premiere (duh.. tvo'd) and I couldn't have been happier. (Except they did fuck up and bring Patty to the cast, but hey I'm sure they thought it was going to make good tv) Okay... so we finally meet the Real World Key West. There's Janelle, the bi-racial, independent, MAC makeup artist biatch. John, the cute stereotypical "frat boy" who doesn't give off the Asshole vibe for once. Jose, the one with the rough childhood aka striving to conquer the world do gooder. Patty, the annoying anorexic (Literally!!) with no self esteem and has already cried 7 times on the first episode. Svetlana, the young JAP who managed to be the only couple'd person on the show, i give it 1 more episode. Zach, the once Chubster now total Hunkster who rocks the Jew-fro (a typical girl's weakness). And finally Tyler, already turning into my all time favorite Real Worlder (besides Coral of course). Tyler is the gay roommate, but somehow sarcastic asshole is a better way to describe him. Oh c'mon you know every gay roommate who's been on the RW.. thats the only thing you remember about them!!

I'm tellin' ya, just throw on MTV this weekend as I'm sure they'll repeat the first episode about 20 times and tune in. This season is going to be great! Oh and cos i've vacationed in Key West a couple of times and have seen a lot of the super places they go to...

TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE START BEING POLITE.. AND START BEING __________________. (answer in next week's blog) haha

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