March 23, 2006

Pop Culture Quiz Hot Shot

Omg, remember when Ben and Gwen dated? awww too cute. That was before they started making up couple nicknames. But they totally would have been either Benneth or Bwen

Okay moving on.. Leave it to Lisa W (who's working in NYC at Entertainment Weekly) to send me over a pop culture quiz. And while most of you would probably guess I'd get every question correct, I'm okay with myself enough to say that I did get stumped on the Friends TV Guide question. Let me know if you get them all right, you might get a virtual thumbs up from yours truly.. Thanks Lisa!

1. Which spin-off of Everybody Loves Raymond, features the Incredible Hulks “Lou Ferrigno”?

2. Name all 4 characters from Sex and the city? Extra if you provide there last names as well

3. What name was addressed on the TV Guide that was sent to Chandler Bing in Friends?

4. What’s the type of bread that Jerry stole from a little old lady on the street in Seinfeld?

5. Name two movies that featured both Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson ( there are several)

6. Who was not a guest star in Friends: ( a) Brad Pitt (b) Alec Baldwin (c) Sean Penn (d) Ellen Degeneres

7. Alyson Hannigan ( willow from buffy and now on the hit sitcom How I met your mother) starred in what comedy trilogy which started off with a boy and his apple pie? Extra if you can name all 3 movies?

8. What famous old time rocker and also hall of fame inductee is model Iman married to?

9. What movie starred both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and also earned them a best director award?

10. When Natalie Portman was 12 years old she starred in what movie as a girl named “marty,” after a grandfather she never knew: (a) the professional (b) whatever it takes (c) beautiful girls (d) closer

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