March 14, 2006

Sopranos Product Placement

First of all Sopranos was ridiculously awesome Sunday night. Legno phones as soon as the credits start to roll and after he quotes "Isn't it a weird coincedence Lou Gerick died of Lou Gerick's disease?" he had to yell out whatever the hell Uncle Junior spatted out when he shot Tony. Too funny. But thats not the reason for this post.. Did anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of product placement in this episode? Its like they had to get in all of the sponsers for the last two years in. We counted at least 15. The obvious one was Nestles Quick, but then you start to see Fed Ex, Porsche, Ferrari, Sushi (i know its a food not a market but still), and so on. Then i found this website that isn't really updated yet, but it was funny to check out.


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Buddha said...

Sopranos was awesome. The one I noticed was cingular. He goes to make a call and then made it a point to pause for a long time on a shot of the screen...