April 19, 2006

10 Ugly Men Fest this year: Prohibition Style?

10 Ugly Men Fest
a Haiku by Julie Q

Always the highlight of our summer.
Always happens to be a great day outside.
Always great music and great food.
Always great booze.
Always all you can drink.

If you check out their website, it states
"Admission price includes all the food, non-alcoholic refreshments, 6 tickets which can be redeemed for beer and wine. (We apologize for doing away with all you can drink beer and wine, this was due to insurance and pressure from local authorities)."

While that is probably the smartest-most-responsible thing they could've done, it still is a buzz kill... literally. I dont know what to think about this! I mean, it says that they'll be selling beers for $2, which isn't too bad. It still is a great Charity that raises a heck of a lot of cash for the kids. Any thoughts? Other then join AA because I'm complaining about no more All you can drink! haha

Let me know if you still would consider going.


Buddha said...

The Bush adminstration is to blame I am sure...I am truly upset. I am bringing a wad of cash....haha

Jenny said...

No more all you can drink?! What is this world coming to?! I think a more responsible thing to do would be free taxis home!
I'm still interested in going :)

Matt said...

i think gus is right. that's not a haiku.