April 4, 2006

The banker's been detained..

Last night I was getting into my Monday night tv routine of Deal or No Deal, followed by 24. Checking the tvo, I was alarmed to see that Deal or No Deal was a 2 hr special. How could Howie Mandel do this to me? Was he not aware of Jack Bauer being stuck in that warehouse explosion last week? Of course I was loyal and switched over to 24. But then I got to thinking..

How cool would it be if Jack Bauer was on Deal or No Deal. It'd go something like this....

You know it'd be great television.. cos 24 is all about suspense, and what do you know.. so is Deal or No Deal. And out of all the briefcase girls, the ones with the big amts like 1 mil and 750K would be Russian spies, that Jack Bauer would have to kill. And then it'd be a huge fight sequence with the Banker, showing his true identity as President Logan. I know it could never work (because its Fox mixing with NBC obviously) but still.. a blogger could dream can't she?

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