April 28, 2006

Denise, where is your publicist?!??

Now I know my opinion is pretty damn right on when it comes to celebrity gossip, but I try to dig in to the deeper things in life, like writing Haikus and quoting Jack Bauer. But no. Today I bring up the newly delicious developing love triangle between Denise Richards, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora.

To make a pointless story short: Denise & Charlie Sheen were married and lived next door to Heather and Richie. With both husbands being the badasses that they are, Heather and Denise became friends. Heather even threw a baby shower for Denise last year. Now both
couples are dunzo, and now there are pics showing up everywhere of Denise mo'ing (making out) with Richie. I'm calling all of them by initials for the rest of this post.
D last week just got a restraining order on C for leaving funny yet horrible vm's on her phone, plus something about adult websites featuring girls who are over 18 by seconds. (The ironic part is that C is set to launch a Childens Clothing line sometime soon!) H threw out R for checking his email and finding one of their friends sending him not so appropriate pics of this anonymous (lets call her Denise Richards just for fun). D its kind of hard to believe you when you pull the worst PR stunt after all of this by hooking up with your supposed bff's ex hubby! And by the timing of everything, it seems too farce to believe this JUST happened. Boo to D. This is something straight out of WildThings!! In a C-lister kind of way.

Then again, I think the last person I'd want to mess with would be Amanda Woodward from Melrose Place, she's up there with the top Bad Ass ladies of pretend people. Very interesting to see whats going to happen.. Denise, you might have just landed a Lifetime Movie of the week to save your career in movies!

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