April 27, 2006

Legnos Fun Fest Wknd!

What a fun weekend. Definately a long one as well. Started with Friday night at the Landing Strip (its a bar for all of you not from around here, no pasties involved) because of Alumni Wknd. Friday night was a good time. Legno ordered about 72 shots and then some, (plus 3 miller lites for me of course)

Saturday morning involved mostly Gus and I bickering, Legno playing Dr. Phil, Dingo sleeping while Gus and Legno watched Bravo's Real Housewives of
the OC, because they "claimed" they couldn't find the remote. Rigghhttt.

Saturday evening, the crew went out to TGIF for a good ole fashion dinna so we could drink up that night. Followed by stopping at a Poker Tournament for all the old alumni (because Poker is the new Saturday night). OH and i got to hold a real baby! Compliments of Sarah and Scott. SO CUTE!!! Afterwards we went over to Sadle Ridge, drank lots of Champagne, bribed the DJ to play Call on Me (techno version) and danced the night away... (haha somehow it was only me, lauren, and legno doing that!!). Went home in a psycho taxi cab (i tried to get out because the driver literally had terretts syndrome and was yelling FUCK into the walkie talkie) the guy even had the odacity to give us his business card afterwards.. I go home because i'm about to fall asleep. Legno and Gus call another cab to take them to Tahos to get a Garbage Plate.

Next morning I wake up to hear that Rocco ate 2 garbage plates because Legno and Gus forgot to put their leftovers away. AWESOME. Gus can't even say he's eaten two garbage plates in a row.. "Rocco, I'm not even mad at you" is all i had to say about that.

I figured Sunday would just be relaxing..... We all go to pick up Dingo to hit up
Mario's Via Abruzzi (fancy italian restaurant) because we heard they have some crazy brunch on Sundays. Wow. It was better then any wedding buffet i've ever seen! And they bring around Mamoseses every five minutes and you're buzzed before noontime! And the food was amazing, definately the best breakfast i've ever had. Dingo and I agreed that the buffet room was equivalent to when The Wizard of Oz turned from black and white to color!

Since they tanning place was right near Marios, I figured I should just get it out of the way (because I had a week package). Tanning under the influence is quite an experience, but i definately would not recommend it.

Go to drop Legno off at the airport, he calls us 20 min later and says his flights been cancelled. It took him 5 minutes to convince us that he was serious. He finally got to attend one of our Sopranos Family Fun nights (which switches up from our house and Wad's house every week). What a perfect way to end the weekend!

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