April 18, 2006

Rochester Red Carpet tonite!!

Lauren and I finally have a publicist who can do their job!! We've been given movie premiere tickets to go see American Dreamz this evening. Thought I'd send you a sample of what our emails have sounded like all morning..

Julie: I'm totally torn on who to wear tonite. I love my new Cavalli,
but Donatella keeps calling my cell asking about the couture she sent over!!!

should i have the limo pick us up at 6:30 for arrival at 7-my makeup will be still fresh then so i can interview with Giuliana from E!

Julie: hmm can we make it 6:35? My botox should be just about perfection by then. I hope I dont run into that Izaac Mizrahi again on the red carpet, if he gropes my boobs live on the red carpet again, I might have to pull out my mase! Did you order teh Dom P for the limo or should i have my second assistant do that?

Lauren: yeah that and joan rivers better not make fun of me again for wearing too much black all the time. its not my fault instyle put me on the best dressed list in 2005, give a girl a break.

Julie: Remember the SAG awards in 04 when Charlize attempted to wear the same vintage Zac Posen as you?! What was she thinking? She looked like she was still filming Monster in it! But you could totally pull it off. Do you wanna go grab a bag of ice chips over at Dolce for lunch today?

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