April 28, 2006

Rosie to Join the View?

People.com's head story this morning states that "On Friday, a formal announcement is expected to name the former talk show host as the replacement for Meredith Vieira on The View."

I checked the date to see if today was April 1st. Def not.

Out of anyone in the world who they could've asked to hang out with the ladies of the view everyday, they asked Rosie O'Donnell. How on earth is this a good idea?!

If I was Barbara Walters, these would have been my top 5 picks...

1. Isaac Mizrahi

2. Tiffany Theissan (she'd have to drop the Amber ofcourse)

3. Tori Spelling
4. Lisa Loeb

5. Shakira (just cos it'd be nice to see her everyday)

Rosie O'Donnell? Isn't she so 1996? I thought she hated the world anyways.. I mean, it doesn't matter that much to me because I'm never home to watch it anyways.. but that one day of the year that Memorial Day or some 'take Monday off' holiday falls on, I dont want to be objected to have to listen to Rosie O'Donnell bicker with Star Jones over what cellulite cream works better for their asses. They both are horrible. They should be sent straight to the Sureal life and not collect $200 for passing Go!
How is Anna Nicole out of a job, but Rosie isn't?

Great, now I have to go read a Maxim to get all of these horrible images out of my head!!!!!!
Or maybe go fall asleep and hope this is Groundhog's Day Bill Murray style.

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