April 19, 2006

Sephora and JC Penney team up!

Last Tuesday on April 11th, JC Penney announced that they would be opening up a Sephora makeup fun factory (what I usually call it) in each of its stores around the US starting in the Fall. This is the best matching since.... Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck!

For my Boston ladies, this means absolutely nothing! ONLY because you're a 7 minute drive away from Chesnut Hill Mall where there's a Sephora (and sometimes a supercute Seth) waiting for you to stock up on Too Faced and Stila.

Unfortunately its about a 5.5 hr drive to that same mall for yours truly.. And while I did once drive back that same distance in college to do my laundry at home for free (sounded like a good idea at the time) I'd totally rather just drive 5 minutes to a JC Penney (and... i guess a laundrymat as well)

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Jaclyn Fiorie said...

Does this mean they are going to start carrying Seven jeans and Chloe purses too? LOL ....hey, a girl dream! Regardless, upon the arrival of Sephora, JC Penny earns the right to a french pronounciation, similar to that of "Target" and "Payless."

Let the countdown begin!
Thanks for the update jules!