April 27, 2006


Finally checked out shopgirl on DVD last night and must say, I liked it a lot. I could see how some people wouldn't be as enthuised as I was, but I'm always up for watching a slow moving-indie-odd sense of humor-love type flicks. Gus came back from his poker night and I made him watch it too and he didn't fall asleep, which is always a great sign of a classic movie. Also, anyone who loves Rushmore should definately check this movie out just for seeing Jason Schwartzman alone. Everyone rocked in this movie. Jason's character Jeremy goes on tour as a roadie with this band 'Hot Tears', and everytime I heard them sing a song, I just wish I could've downloaded it and thrown it on the Nano.

Being the dork that I am, I googled the movie to see who the real band was and it was really Mark Kozelek (who was also a musician/actor in Almost Famous). Those are the only two acting jobs he's done, cos he's really a rocker. His band's website is Sun Kil Moon. I went onto iTunes and purchased the songs 'Lily and Parrots' and 'Carry Me Ohio'. Definately worth the 99 cents each. Check both of them out!!

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Matt said...

Mark Kozelek rules Jules. Sun Kil Moon is good, but check out his first band, Red House Painters.

I'll post some to my blog for you.