April 17, 2006

What if someone comes up with 6 minute abs?

Gregory Joujon-Roche is a miracle worker to the stars. In the NY Post yesterday, he claims you can turn into Demi Moore in 6 weeks (Ashton and Bruce not included). Basically to sum up his book in one sentence, he says you have to bust your ass off and eat healthy.... HMMM what a complete genius, where is his application to Mensa?

The one thing I liked from the article went as follows:

How to Eat Like a Star
-Start each meal with a mouthful of protein

-Have an apple a day
-NEVER drink soda
-Do count calories (you can eat your weight times about 13)
-Take supplements- even celebs need them
-Eat five vegetables a day
-Get clean by drinking half your weight in water everday day and "Cleansing"
-Never be hungry- it makes you want to eat
-Don't cry over croissants or cookies. You can't have any

Ohh, and on top of eating, the article implies that you need to work out until your muscles twitch (A great way to know its doing something great!) haha

I can't wait til they call me up to play the role of Catherine Zeta Jones' stunt double (if the stunt involved was playing with Nerf Guns or something)


Matt said...

I doubt it's healthy to drink half of your weight in water everyday, but then again, my abs also would require much more than 6 minutes to free themselves from the layer of grossness that covers them.

Erica said...

This guy is a froot-loop...say you weigh 200 lbs, are you seriously going to be able to physically drink 100 lbs of water in a day? Wouldn't you just be peeing all day, or potentially die of hyponatremia or whatever...? And no way...I didn't know being hungry made you feel like eating....a light just went on in my head....

Julie Q said...

To clarify, I believe its ounces not lbs in terms of drinking half of your weight!