May 8, 2006

Celebrity Look-a-like!


All you do is register to the site (which is free), upload a pic, and then the computer geniously scans in the picture and compares the facial features to a huge database of celebrities.. The number one person i got was Sarit Hadad.. who you may ask? I had to google her myself.. she's a 23 years old Israeli/Jewish singer. Totally awesome! You can also scroll down the list of other celebrities they pick out for you, which for me included Jamie Lynn Spears (LOL) and Lindsay Lohan (LOL LOL)

If that doesn't make your day i dont know what does. If anyone tries this lemme know which celeb you get..


Jaclyn said...

Jules, this website is hilarious! Where do you find this stuff? As you can see, I change my celeb look-a-likes like handbags! I'm in an Evangeline Lily mood today ;) lol

My results:

too funny...........

Anonymous said...

Joolie I am related to David Hasselhoff.

And Forest Whitaker.