May 25, 2006

Don't Date Him Girl!

A couple months back, I was watching the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and this website and its creators were one of the hot topics. I forgot the name of the website after the show so I never checked it out, until my little sent me the link this morning. Its called Forget Googling your crush/boyfriend/hubby/labby & try typing in his name on this website and see what pops up! For the most part, the search engine isn't too exciting. The first name I typed in, I found someone with the same first name after scrolling down 2 pages. I then typed in Rocco, and found someone with that name in Queens with this description
Rocco cheated on a good friend of mine (who he dated for 2 years) multiple times over many months. He cheats with friends, co-workers, whoever – and it doesn’t even matter what the girl looks like! He’ll have sex with any girl that moves! He’s an alcoholic and he’s immature. Don’t trust him." --ANONYMOUS

Hmmm I'll have to keep a close watch on my Rocco! I hope this isn't that Poodle bitch who we met at the dog park last week..

This website brings up many a controversy.
1. There's only guys on this site, something tells me, a woman has cheated somewhere out there once or twice.
2. There's no facts behind any of this jargon. I'm guessing there is no fact checker who investigates these lovers quarrels and relationship dealbreakers. (cheating is usually one of them)

But at the same time, its a silly website and you know you'll totally type in a boys name that you want to make out with. Hope he's on good terms with all of his exes and not showcased on this site! And if he is, you better tell me who it is so i can get a good laugh. Enjoy!

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