May 2, 2006

Go to bed Legno!

So usually I get a phone call every Sunday morning, to hear the recap of my Legno's celebreality weekend. (After 1 or 2 missed calls at 3am of course) But this week, I even got a storyboard email attachment because he knew I probably wouldn't believe half the stuff. Here are a couple pics from the diddy himself at CLUB BED.. Ohh and at one point they did grab a picture with Matt Leinhart (cos he was doing a PR walk through some of the NYC hot spots after the NFL draft earlier that day). That pic is on Joe's friends camera, so i'll post that one when he sends it to me.

I asked Legno if he said "Awesome, I've always wanted a picture with the NFL's 10th draft pick" Wheres
D'Brickashaw when ya need him???

These crazy kids these days.. partying on beds. What's next, Club Automan?

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Anonymous said...

Love how the review says the following for Club Bed...

Legno - So Hot Right Now - Legno

The Scene
The elevator ride to the sixth floor of this converted warehouse space provides a brief moment of Zen before entrance to the bustling scene. Once inside, the attractive staff guides equally attractive patrons to one of three sections: the tiered beds, the dramatic bar or the curved dining area, separated by a glass video projection screen. The dark wood floors, white fabric-covered ceilings and warm tones create a classy vibe, but don't be distracted: A night at B.E.D. is all about the hookup.

The Draw
Despite the dent in your pocketbook, the feeling of extravagance and luxury that comes from reclining on a firm, pillow-strewn bed--sexy drink in hand--can't be discounted. And the specialty cocktails take full advantage of the mood. There's no guilt in going to bed with a couple of friends like the sweet Red Head, the minty International Vixen, or the tangy Horny Little Devil, right?

----- From Legno