May 4, 2006

Happy Birthday Rocco!

My prescious little Bassett-Rottweiler Rocco turns 2 years old today! Not only does this date mark his day of birth, but it also celebrates Julie and Gus being responsible dog owners for almost 2 years!! (we adopted him when he was 8 wks old). So far we've gotten a few birthday wishes to relay to Rocco.

Lauren says:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCCO...i know your tail hurts like a mo fo when it hits me, but i still love u!"

Jenny says: (*Note this was during an email about our plans for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow)
"YAY Margarita Bucket!! Happy Bday to Rocco! (Can we pretend he's 1/2 Mexican?)"

Jaclyn says:
"Rocco, in honor of cinco de mayo, 'viva a ciento!' - happy birthday! love, jaclyn"

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