May 31, 2006

Is that a Parthenon Light in your pocket?

Its that time of year again, the annual Rochester Greek Festival starts June 1st at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on East Ave. This is the only place in Rochester where you can drink the infamous Parthenon Lite beer to compliment your fresh Gyro. Since Friday night is East End Festival, Gus and I are probably going to hit up the Greek fest on Thursday night. Get in touch with me if you'd like to join us. And no, I wont drag you with me to the big circle when they do the line dancing. So what I know how the dance goes.. Jesse Katsopoulos taught it to Michelle Tanner's class on Full House... circa '94 I believe?

If only I turned this knowledge into some thing profitable.. Still waiting for the US Weekly Draft to start up.

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