May 14, 2006

J.Q'iddy Runs the City

Today I ran my first race. Quite an experience. The weather was supposed to be crappy out, but the sun managed to stick around, just leaving it a little chilly. Woke up at 6:30am way too excited to sleep. Stretched a little, hung out with Rocco, nibbled on some Honey Nut Cheerios, then decided to wake Gus up so we could head down to the beach where the race was. Already by 8:15 there was quite a group of people. It was a 5K race followed by a 2.5 mile walk so everyone could participate. Pinned on my number 802 (yeah... thats not getting framed or anything) and then headed over to the starting line. Actually no, headed past the starting line and kept going considering they set aside room for the fast people. 7 minute group... keep going... 8 minute group... almost there... 10 minute group, now THATS more like it. Now I'm getting ready for the horn to blow so I can just get this run over with, when all of a sudden I see Jadey Simmons (Phi Psi Alumni Jason's wife). She has run marathons in Ireland before (which made me look at the sign again to make sure i was in the right minute mile area). Jadey's encouraging words were "Oh this race is great, except for the uphill climb for most of the first half" haha AWESOME. The map i checked out was obviously not in 3D form, because the whole trail looked pretty flat to me. (That picture to the right is Gus snapping a pic right after I learned about the uphillness shananigans of this 3.2 mile run). INSERT HORN SOUND HERE. Time to run. It wasn't bad at all, because obviously all the fast people just started sprinting, but I had to just go at JQ pace because that'd just be asking for trouble if i tried to keep up. Races are CRAZY. Everyone is so happy and people cheer for you! I haven't had people cheer for me since St Pattys Day '02 when Lynn and I were the first girls to show up at Dribbles at 8am. haha. Even though I was kind of tired towards the last mile, I would just look at the t-shirts people were wearing dedicated to loved ones who have had Breast Cancer, and I just got back in the zone and started running faster. The best was Gus' reaction when I was running in the home stretch. We both figured I'd be running th e 5K slow and steady, but I ended up beating my goal by 10 minutes!! I clocked in at 34.46. OOra.
Thanks so much to my Mom and Matt and also Gus' parents Bob and Cecilia for their generous donations! Today was so much fun-- I can't wait to do another one.

I'd also like to thank my two trainers, Gus and Rocco!


Matt said...

congrats on your race! i would have called you if I wasn't consumed with rage after being ditched on mother's day by our mother (for an illegal immigrant, no less).
that picture of you and rocco is adorable.
you look mahvelous.
love ya

Leslie said...

Julie!!! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you my little runner cousin. Races ROCK because they give you a goal to look forward to. That's a terrific time for your first 5K too! You should be very proud of yourself. Love you!

Erica said...

See I told you you cuold do it! You're addicted now, aren't you? Congrats!